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Date Title Series Speaker
9/1/2013 Open My Eyes

Open your eyes to see God's GREATER authority & vision for the world & for your life.

Greater Series Pastor Dan Boal
8/25/2013 Digging Ditches

The reason we fail to turn inspiration into implementation is that we want miracles. Not work orders. Is your plan man driven or God driven?

Greater Series Pastor Dan Boal
8/18/2013 Upon Further Review

There are times in our lives where we need a review. Do you trust God in the midst of your trials and tribulations? Do you trust God no matter what?

Greater Series Pastor Chip Garrison
8/11/2013 Burn the Plows

Join us as we dig deeper into what it looks like as God invites us to a higher calling, deeper surrender & greater things!

Greater Series Pastor Chip Garrison

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