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Date Title Series Speaker
10/13/2013 The Path

Everyone is searching; not everyone know it. How can you know that Jesus is the only way?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/6/2013 The King

In order to answer the question, "Who is Jesus?" you must first weigh the available evidence, possible conclusions & an appropriate response. Whether you're here today as a skeptic, seeker or follower, this message is for you!

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/29/2013 The Question

If God is really good and all-powerful, why does He allow so much pain and evil in the world?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/22/2013 The Word

What is the Bible? Fact, fiction or fable? Learn about how the Bible is absolutely unique, and how it is God's gift to open a door to faith for you and me.

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/15/2013 The Beginning

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/8/2013 The Quest

To engage in this quest, regardless of where we may be starting from, will be very spiritually significant thing for all of us to do. The reality is, “Everyone is searching; not everyone knows it.” Let's begin this GodQuest together on an All-Church Journey; what is truth and how do we know that it exists?

GodQuest Pastor Tom Lundeen

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