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Date Title Series Speaker
8/2/2020 The Big 3 Has Never Been Bigger (Part 3)

What does it look like to SERVE amidst our current circumstances?

Back to the Future Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/26/2020 The Big 3 Has Never Been Bigger (Part 2)

What does it look like to do life with others?

Back to the Future Pastor Nate Sickler
7/19/2020 The Big 3 Has Never Been Bigger (Part 1)

What does the habit of worshiping together look like in your life?

Back to the Future Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/1/2020 Is That All There Is?

Why does the Holy Spirit fill us? What things do we need to know, & how can we be filled?

The Rhythm of Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/9/2020 When Ignorance Isn't Bliss (Part 1)

What are spiritual gifts, and how do they function in each of our lives?

A Different Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/28/2019 Becoming Motivated.

What is water baptism & why does it matter in my life?

Becoming _____. Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/26/2019 Choosing a Path

What do your friendships look like in your life?

Ducks in a Row? Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/3/2019 Wisdom in Action

Why & how should we do good works?

ROAR: Truth in a World of Opinions Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2018 Serve

We are made to make a contribution and not just consume. What does serving mean & look like in your life today?

Divine Direction Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/11/2017 This is Why: We Give

Jesus never shies away from this critical topic, so what can we learn from the Word about giving?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/11/2017 Lead My Life

The three answers we can give God when He calls us.

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/4/2017 Break Me

Are you willing to let God change you instead of your circumstances? Why surrendering our will to Him can be the most important step we take.

#Amen Pastor Nate Sickler
5/28/2017 Why Keep Praying

Why does Jesus want us to pray persistently, relentlessly, and continuously -- doesn't He already know what we need?

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/21/2017 Search My Heart

Why should we ask God to search our hearts -- doesn't He already know what's in them?

#Amen Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/14/2017 Heartless God

Why do hard things happen; how can we believe in a God that doesn't seem to care?

I Want to Believe, But... Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/7/2017 Goosebump God

There are times God appears to be silent, why can't we always feel God?

I Want to Believe, But... Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/16/2017 Easter Weekend 2017

A time of worship, inspiration and celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!

Easter Weekend 2017 Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/9/2017 Mercy: Rescue. Restore. Reconnect.

There is a cost to being lost; how does understanding God's mercy save us?

New Every Day Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/30/2016 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We must be careful not to become worshipers of the Bible instead of worshipers of the God of the Bible. What does Jesus want us to know about our love life and how to avoid legalism?

The Magnificent 7? Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/23/2016 Missions Done Well

Join us as we look at "living on mission" across the world & what that looks like for each of us.

Access Sunday: October 2016 Pastor Nate Sickler
10/9/2016 Grow

What does it look like to grow in my walk of faith? What does transformation & reproducing have to do with it?

Life On Mission Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/25/2016 Serve

Serving others is a huge deal in living lives on mission with God's heart.

Life On Mission Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/26/2016 Who Shall? Who Will?

What is important for us to know about God, ourselves, and the message He entrusts to us?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/21/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 2

How do we figure out what our spiritual gifts are and not confuse them with other things?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/14/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 1

What are spiritual gifts, who has them, who are they for and why do they matter so much?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/7/2016 XXX Culture

A sex saturated society is nothing new. What can we learn from Paul's teaching to the city of Corinth?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/31/2016 The Way We Were

Our world is filled with a host of immorality. How does a saying yes to the saving grace of Jesus affect how we respond to character issues, attitudes and wrong behaviors in ourselves and others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/24/2016 Rationalizing Sin

We are often very quick to note and judge what we perceive as sinful behavior in others...what about our own faults?

Re-Solve Pastor Chip Garrison
1/17/2016 Family Court

What are the important principles Paul teaches in Scripture about how to handle conflict with others?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/10/2016 Clashing Culture

Cliques, factions and schisms can find their way into life; what do they look like and how to do we walks towards this mess with grace?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
1/3/2016 What in the World Happened?

What is the reality of living in as a Christ follower in today's world?

Re-Solve Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2012 [TheChallenge] Stewardship: Giving and Serving

Jesus tells us that our attitude towards money accurately describes our spiritual condition. So why does God want us to be generous?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/30/2012 [TheChallenge] Growth: Stepping Up and Out

God’s plan for us is develop His moral character, to value what He values, think what He thinks, and do what He does. What does growing look like in each of our lives?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/10/2012 [TheChallenge] And They Called It 'The Church'

True to Jesus' vision, the church was like nothing anyone had experienced before. How does a church become like that original church in Acts 2?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/20/2011 Some Assembly Required

Why are "The Big 3" really big for Christ-followers at Riverside? Don't miss this sermon as Pastor Tom explains what "The Big 3" are at Riverside and why they matter to you.

The Nuts and Bolts of Riverside Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/21/2011 Love Who?

Love WHO? Jesus gives three different approaches to showing compassion in the story of the Good Samaritan. Join us as we dig in to what that means.

Love Who? Pastor Bill Gilfillan
8/1/2010 Love and Truth That Matter: Part 2

See how God’s “dynamic duo” of love and truth play out in the lives of three people mentioned by name in the very personal letter of 3 John.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
7/25/2010 Love and Truth That Matter: Part 1

Truth and love are God’s “dynamic duo”…they are an inseparable combination required in order for professing Christ-followers to live balanced, effective, meaningful, growing lives.

Going All In...Because It Matters Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/24/2008 It's Not About You!

Learning what it means to use your God given talents and resources to Give of Yourself.

Great Riverside Get-Together Pastor Matt Archer
8/3/2008 Amazing! Experiencing God's Amazing Grace

What you might want to know about understanding, receving and living under God's grace.

Great Riverside Get-Together Pastor Matt Archer
6/17/2007 Gifts

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss but not when it comes to spiritual gifts.

G-Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/10/2007 Growth


G-Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/20/2007 Grace

Understanding the 3 components that define grace.

G-Series Pastor Tom Lundeen

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