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Date Title Series Speaker
3/1/2020 Is That All There Is?

Why does the Holy Spirit fill us? What things do we need to know, & how can we be filled?

The Rhythm of Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/9/2020 When Ignorance Isn't Bliss (Part 1)

What are spiritual gifts, and how do they function in each of our lives?

A Different Life Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/26/2019 Choosing a Path

What do your friendships look like in your life?

Ducks in a Row? Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/3/2019 Wisdom in Action

Why & how should we do good works?

ROAR: Truth in a World of Opinions Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2018 Serve

We are made to make a contribution and not just consume. What does serving mean & look like in your life today?

Divine Direction Pastor Tom Lundeen
12/11/2017 This is Why: We Give

Jesus never shies away from this critical topic, so what can we learn from the Word about giving?

This is Why Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/23/2016 Missions Done Well

Join us as we look at "living on mission" across the world & what that looks like for each of us.

Access Sunday: October 2016 Pastor Nate Sickler
9/25/2016 Serve

Serving others is a huge deal in living lives on mission with God's heart.

Life On Mission Pastor Tom Lundeen
6/26/2016 Who Shall? Who Will?

What is important for us to know about God, ourselves, and the message He entrusts to us?

THE Inquiring Mind Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/21/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 2

How do we figure out what our spiritual gifts are and not confuse them with other things?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/14/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 1

What are spiritual gifts, who has them, who are they for and why do they matter so much?

Re-New Series Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/7/2012 [TheChallenge] Stewardship: Giving and Serving

Jesus tells us that our attitude towards money accurately describes our spiritual condition. So why does God want us to be generous?

The Challenge Pastor Tom Lundeen
11/20/2011 Some Assembly Required

Why are "The Big 3" really big for Christ-followers at Riverside? Don't miss this sermon as Pastor Tom explains what "The Big 3" are at Riverside and why they matter to you.

The Nuts and Bolts of Riverside Church Pastor Tom Lundeen
8/24/2008 It's Not About You!

Learning what it means to use your God given talents and resources to Give of Yourself.

Great Riverside Get-Together Pastor Matt Archer
6/17/2007 Gifts

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss but not when it comes to spiritual gifts.

G-Series Pastor Tom Lundeen

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