Series Landing


A series of messages on the importance of families and God's design for healthy relationships.


Date Title Speaker
4/11/2010 Is There Hope for Our Family? Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/18/2010 The Parent Trap Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/25/2010 Parents Need to Be the C.E.O.'s Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/2/2010 Parenting Season Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/9/2010 Making Healthy Family Life the Norm Pastor Matt Archer
5/16/2010 Bring Out the Best in Your ChildrenProverbs 24:3 & Psalm 139:13 Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/23/2010 Parenting Can Make Me Angry Pastor Tom Lundeen
5/30/2010 The Top 10 Things Healthy Families Do Pastor Bill Gilfillan