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Dare to Experience True Spirituality

Join us on our r12 journey "Dare to Experience True Spirituality" with Senior Pastor Tom Lundeen.


Date Title Speaker
9/11/2011 What is True Spirituality? Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/18/2011 Learning to Give God What He Wants MostGenesis 12-17, 22 Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/25/2011 Learning to Get God's Best for Your LifeDaniel Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/2/2011 Learning to Come to Grips with the Real YouExodus 2 & 3 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/9/2011 Learning to Experience Authentic CommunityI Samuel 18, 19, 20 & 23 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/16/2011 Learning to Overcome the Evil Aimed at You Pastor Tom Lundeen