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Is 2012 the end? Really?

Join us for "Is 2012 the end? Really?" with Senior Pastor Tom Lundeen.


Date Title Speaker
2/12/2012 The End Times: Mayan Madness! Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/19/2012 The End Times: What Time is It?Luke 21 Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/26/2012 The End Times: In 2012? (Part 1)2 Timothy 3 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/4/2012 The End Times: In 2012? (Part 2)1 and 2 Timothy Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/11/2012 The End Times: Where'd They Go? Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/18/2012 The End Times: The Great Tribulation Pastor Chip Garrison
3/25/2012 The End Times: The Antichrist Pastor Tom Lundeen
4/1/2012 The End Times: Living Today - Focused on Tomorrow Pastor Tom Lundeen