Wednesday, 2/20

All evening activities are cancelled at Riverside Church. Stay safe & warm!


Series Landing


Join us for our All-Church Journey of the Freeway series as we kickoff this fall season!

Date Title Speaker
9/7/2014 Intro: A Prodigal's PartyLuke 15 Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/14/2014 Awareness: The Gift of SlownessMatthew 26, Exodus 20 Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/21/2014 Discovery: You're Stronger Than You ThinkRomans 8, 1 Samuel 17 Pastor Tom Lundeen
9/28/2014 Ownership: You Can't Blame Your Way To FreedomGenesis 3, 2 Samuel 11 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/5/2014 Forgiveness: Holding On Keeps You From Moving OnGenesis 37 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/12/2014 Acceptance: Labels LieLuke 19, Psalm 139 Pastor Tom Lundeen
10/19/2014 Freedom: We Are Rescued to Become RescuersIsaiah 61, Acts 16 Pastor Tom Lundeen