Series Landing

Re-New Series

In our new series we will be tackling the question of what it looks like to live as a Christ-follower in today's world. It doesn’t always seem like the right thing is to ‘go along to get along,’ and yet navigating truth in an ever-changing environment can be confusing.

Date Title Speaker
2/14/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 11 Corinthians 12 Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/21/2016 Gifted...or Talented? Part 21 Corinthians 12-14 Pastor Tom Lundeen
2/28/2016 What Matters Most1 Corinthians 13 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/7/2016 For Better or Worse?1 Corinthians 7 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/13/2016 Food Fight1 Corinthians 8-10 Pastor Tom Lundeen
3/20/2016 Who Moved the Stone?1 Corinthians 15 Pastor Tom Lundeen