Parent/Child Classes

Family Ministries desires to partner with you in teaching your children God's truth.  We have designed these parent/child classes to be a resource for you in parenting your children.

Child Dedication Class

Are you planning on dedicating your child to the Lord for the first time?  This class will discuss the significance of this act as well as communicate the details of dedication Sunday.  Parents who have not attended this class are required to attend before dedicating their child.  

The next child dedication is scheduled during both services on Mother's Day - Sunday, May 8th, 2011.  The next child dedication class will be offered on Sunday, April 17, 2011 between services in Room 29.  To register, click here. 

Baptism Class      

This class is for all children who wish to be baptized (parent participation is requested).  It will cover important questions regarding salvation, baptism, and heaven in a fun and interactive way.  It is required before baptism.

Communion Class

Have you been wondering when your child should begin taking communion in church and how to communicate the importance of this celebration?  This class is designed for both you and your child to attend in order to help you answer these questions.  The participants of this class will explore the importance and significance of communion.  This class is designed for children ages Kindgergarten through grade 5.

Have questions about any of these classes?  Please contact our Family Ministries Team

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