Behind the Scenes

Opportunities to Serve

If you appreciate the arts, but prefer to stay "behind the scenes", then take a look at some great opportunities to serve in a more "supportive" role.  We have many opportunities for you to get involved without ever having to sing or play an instrument. 

Stage Crew

Stage Crew is comprised of builders, painters, seamstresses and people with decorating skills. Our purpose is to visually enhance worship services.

Stage Crew is an “as needed” ministry, which means you aren’t committed to serving weekly or even monthly. Team members are notified when there is a project. It’s a fun way to get to know people while you are working on a project together.

If you have an interest in construction, stage set-up, stage tear down, painting (walls/flats), painting (fine art), sewing or decorating, please contact Val at 763.263.2410 ext. 224 or email

Need more info?

Contact Val at 763.263.2410 ext. 224 or email