Is membership the missing piece?  Being a member at Riverside is a public statement of faith, ownership, stewardship and responsibility for the life and gifts God has placed in you and your community of faith. It is more than sitting through a class and receiving information. Membership is your way of saying "yes" to the life-long journey of transformation through community. 

The Membership Process

1 >> Consider connecting with someone at our Next Steps areas after the service.   Ask questions!  Learn about who we are at Riverside, where we're been, and where we're going as a church; see if this is a good place for you to connect and grow.

2 >> Participate in Membership Class. During this class Riverside's history, vision and values will be covered; you will also receive a guidebook and membership application.  Click here for membership class dates.

3 >> Complete a membership application and sign the Riverside Church Membership Covenant.  Would you like to see a copy of our Covenant?  Look here.

4 >> Interview with Elder Board Members.