The Heart of Riverside

It's all about RELATIONSHIP.  

Most importantly with Christ, but also in community with others.

At Riverside we are passionate about three key ideas:  providing teaching, music and environments which are
REAL AND RELEVANT to our people and our culture
helping people experience LIFE CHANGE
giving people the opportunity to take OWNERSHIP of their faith.

Our mission is reaching people and helping them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  It matters to us, because we know lost people matter to God.  Riverside is more than just a building on the corner, we desire to be a community of people who partner with God in changing lives.

You are welcome at Riverside.  

It's about making room, not rules.  
It's about finding your faith, not following a routine.  
It's a safe place to try, a place where you'll learn and grow.  

Come and see.