Snapshot (Watching God at Work)

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What amazing ways we saw God at work this last year! Praising Him for work completed, lives changed, and all He might call Riverside to in 2020!
It's been a fantastic start to our fall ministry season! So many of you have jumped into small groups, joined teams, and engaged in our community outreach initiatives. Thank you for listening to how God's plan for your life can impact His kingdom!
Wow, what a privilege to watch God working in the lives of so many people! We appreciate so much everyone who prays, serves, gives, goes, and otherwise invests in the ministries God has given to Riverside Church!
God was at work in some ways big and small in the month of April.
But it's still been a great month at Riverside! Check out this month's blog for details on the ways God has been at work through your engagement, as well as what's coming!
2018 was a remarkable year at Riverside! We saw many people take exciting 'next steps' and we took one too when we opened our first ever multi site - a campus in Sauk Rapids. We celebrate all God has been at work doing this past year even as we look forward to what He will do in 2019!
It's been exciting to see so many people taking the 'next step' that God has for them. Whether that has been coming to church for the first time, baptism, membership, attending a small group, serving, or saying YES to a relationship with Jesus, we're excited to celebrate how God has been at work this month.
Fall 2018 has gotten off to a great start! We're celebrating all the ways we see God at work in the lives of those who call Riverside their church home.
It would be easy for people to justify 'taking summer off,' but that's not what happens at our campuses! Check out some of the amazing things happening with God's help through the people of Riverside.
and we have so much to be grateful for as we've watched God's hand at work in the lives of many.
It's always a joy to watch as people discover the 'next step' God has in mind for them, and April provided many opportunities for Riversider's of all ages to engage in theirs.
As we look back at the Grand Opening of our new multisite campus in Sauk Rapids and look ahead to Easter, it's an exciting season to be part of God's work at Riverside!
We've had an exciting beginning to 2018! We're excited for the steps we see people taking in their walk of faith and look forward to seeing how God will be at work in our new campus in Sauk Rapids next month.
Pastor Tom shares his heart on the passing of evangelist Billy Graham and the impact this man of God has had on his life.
We are thanking God for His provision and the life changing steps forward many took in 2017. Celebrate with us as we praise Him and look forward to 2018 (and the launch of a 2nd campus!)
As we reflect back on fall 2017, we celebrate the many ways we saw people take steps forward in their walk of faith, and also look forward to a new season as we launch our first ever Multisite campus!
As sad as we are to wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer, there's always a level of excitement about returning to the regular ebb and flow of school, cooler days, fall colors, and our fall kick off events.
Ministry doesn't stop over the summer, and it's been great watching people engage in our Core Values as they enjoyed events, took next steps, and reached out in our community and around the world!
April was a powerful month at Riverside and we are celebrating the way He is at work changing lives.
March was a great month for witnessing people engaging in activities which make such a difference in a walk of faith. We praise God for His work at Riverside Church in and among His people!
The beginning of 2017 brought lots of opportunities for Riversiders to grow in love and to give of themselves -- check out this month's post for the ways people are engaging in a dynamic walk of faith.
God's grace was at work this year and we're humbled to have been a part of His plans to reach people and change lives.
What an exciting month at Riverside! Lots of activity inside and outside the building as we continued to explore what it looks like to live Life on Mission.
September means the first day of autumn is upon us. It also means the return to an ebb and flow of school year activities, our fall kick-off and welcoming back friends we've missed over the summer. Hello fall!
Wow! What an amazing summer filled with great memories and so many stories of how God is on the move in and through Riverside Church!
Our fiscal year ended June 30, 2016. What a lot we have to celebrate as we watch God help people take important "next steps," and impact lives all around the world! You can also read more in our Annual Report here.
Spring is here! That means our annual events like car care day, NoLimits graduation and our spring baptism service were underway. Read this month's encouragement for details on how God has been at work in lives here and around the world.
What an amazing Easter! As we head into the final quarter of our fiscal year, we say 'thank you!' to each of you who have faithfully supported the mission of Riverside Church.
So what exactly does it look like to live out the core values at Riverside Church? February was a great month to watch them in being put into action.
What an amazing year 2015 was! We stand in awe of the ways we witnessed God at work in and through Riverside. Thank you Riversiders for being "All In" and partnering with Him in the work He has for us here and around the world.
Why do we invest so much time and energy in Productions and holiday services? Because God is choose to use them to draw people to Himself.
It's been wonderful watching people engage in worship, serving, small groups, community outreach, and so much more this fall as we kicked off our fall journey. Here are just a few stories of how God is using Riverside Church to change lives and build His kingdom.
The lazy days of summer may be the stereotype, but it's been a busy season here at Riversider where we've shared & experienced fantastic, life-changing activities, decisions, and application.
While most of us think of a year (and our giving) in terms of the calendar year, Riverside operates on a fiscal year from July 1 - June 30, so we thought it would be fun to give you some glimpses into God's work the last 12 months.
As we reach the closing weeks of our current fiscal year, we share with you two stories, world's apart. Whether your heart beats for the people in the community in which you live, or you are passionate about people miles away, Riverside is a place where your giving helps people find their home in God's family.
Learning how to care for ourselves and each other is a 'next step' we can all take. Your engagement changes your life AND the lives of others!
When we enthusiastically engage together in the mission God has for Riverside church, to reach people and help them become fully devoted followers of Christ, He can use our gifts to change lives!
When we say every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God, what does that look like? Take a peek at just two we received this month.
It's been a great start to the new year! Here are just a few examples of how Riversiders are making a difference and how we can see God at work in our body.
What a privilege to look back at 2014 and celebrate all the ways Riversiders have experienced His grace. Thank you Jesus for using Riverside Church to advance your kingdom!
We are awed and amazed to see how God has encouraged, equipped and engaged our church family to grow in love and give of themselves.
It's been a great fall at Riverside; click here to see how God has been at work among us!
Thank you for your faithful giving and engagement at Riverside Church! It's been an amazing year and we can't wait to see how God will move among us in the new fiscal year!
Our 2013-2014 fiscal year gave us so much to celebrate! To God be the glory!
Easter 2014 was a great weekend at Riverside! Read more about how your investment made a difference in the lives of thousands of people.
The year has gotten off to a great start and we're excited about the engagement we see happening as people take 'next steps' to Experience Grace, Grow in Love and Give of themselves.
Wow! It's been a great year to be a part of Riverside Church and we have so much to celebrate! We love watching God at work!
What an amazing Christmas Production~! We are so grateful for each one of you who prayed, invited, served, gave, and otherwise invested of yourselves to make this an event God could use to draw so many closer to Him!
You are making a difference every day when you engage in God's work at Riverside! We have much to celebrate and praise as Thanksgiving approaches.
Will you partner with us in these special prayer requests during the holiday season?
Special update from Pastor Tom on how the vision for Riverside Church is moving us forward.
It's been a great summer where YOU have helped make ministry happen!
New faces at Riverside are ready to kick off the fall ministry season!
As we close in on the end of our fiscal year, it's a great time to take a look back at some of the ways God has been at work at Riverside.
It was a great month filled with evidence God is at work in people's lives!
Easter, the 90 Day Challenge, NoLimits graduation, and baptisms are just a few of the excitings things we are celebrating this month.
What a lot we have to celebrate -- learn more about how your investment made a difference!
It's been one year since we began the 12:05 service!
What a fantastic month it's been! We are celebrating all the ways we saw God moving among us in December.
Your gifts influence eternity! Learn more about what's coming in December here at Riverside.
Isn't it amazing to know God's at work changing lives? Learn more about community outreach projects and other ministry initiatives that took place the last 30 days.
What an incredible month at Riverside! We're excited about new guests, people taking discipleship steps, and the strong giving we see happening as God works in and through Riversiders!
Your giving matters! Learn how being "all in" and trusting God to help you grow blesses you AND all those you reach & support through ministry!