Your Engagement Makes a Difference!

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What a Year It's Been Thanks to People Like You! June 2014

As our fiscal year comes to a close and we begin assembling information for our Annual Report and State of the Church message, it is both exciting and humbling to see how God has been at work at Riverside this year. Every year we stand amazed, every year we find ourselves saying "Only God!" God can accomplish His purposes in any way He sees incredible is it that He chooses to partner with people like you and me? 

The work being accomplished at Riverside, through the power of His Holy Spirit, with the resources of His people here is not happening in every church. I say that not to brag or represent in any way that Riverside is a better church than others, but simply to remind you, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. God often chooses to change lives when His people join with Him in doing so. THANK YOU for choosing to engage, give, serve, invite, love and otherwise live out a life like Jesus: one where people in your circle of influence notice something different about you, and just might decide to 'come and see.'

Here's a sneak peek at a few highlights from this year's Annual Report: 

  • More people (over 1,000 and counting) have said 'Yes!' to Jesus Christ so far than in the previous 12 months 
  • 92 new families were introduced to Riverside this year because of Kids Mystery Nights
  • Over 600 people regularly volunteer here at Riverside (watch the fun video!
  • Our average Sunday attendance is over 1,500 931 households have given to the Ministry Fund this year -- funding all we do now, as well as providing for the launch of a new campus. 
  • The Cafe' has dispensed 3 million calories worth of donuts and 1.5 million mg of caffeine 
  • 100+ Small Groups met regularly this year 
  • 822 pairs of shoes were donated to our partners in Burkino Faso, Africa 
  • The Riverside facebook pages have over 2,000 followers (likes) 
  • Every Sunday we have between 40-90 devices streaming the services live remotely 

    To God be the glory! For those of you who are members, please plan to attend the Annual Meeting on June 29. It will contain important budget information (and you'll also receive a copy of the full Annual Report with more encouraging news of lives transformed). If you are not a member and would like a copy of the Annual Report, we will have them available on Sundays following the Annual Meeting. 

    God bless you all! 
    Pastor Tom