Nothing Ordinary

We live in a culture fascinated with celebrities, don't we?  You can plug into just about any print, TV, or social media venue and find stories about people who are recognized for doing or being something special.

So where does that leave the rest of us?  We wake up, go about our day to day tasks, carry on normal conversations, eat mostly regular meals, brush our teeth, go to bed and start it all over the next day.  Regular life doesn't often feel very exceptional, so what difference are we making and do our efforts even matter?

You might be surprised.  The Bible is full of people who would probably have said the same thing about themselves and they are ultimately chronicled as having had remarkable impact.

The onset of a new year is a great time to evaluate goals, learn, and equip yourself to take next steps in becoming all you were created to be.  Beginning your week with hope and encouragement is another good start - you're invited to join us for this engaging new series beginning January 7th which explores the lives of some ordinary characters with mighty influence because of our extraordinary God.


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