Christmas Production 2019

From "Bah Humbug!" to "Merry Christmas!"  Come experience Charles Dickens' timeless classic 'A Christmas Carol' like never before.  Much like Scrooge, the twists and turns of life often change us, sometimes turning us into someone we never intended to become.   But we don't have to stay where we are.  Please join us this Christmas season for a new look at an old favorite, featuring contemporary music and drama, and witness the story of transformed life.


You can pick up your free invitations and tickets on Sunday mornings beginning November 11th.
You may also reserve them by calling 763-263-2410 or using our ticket request form here. Complimentary childcare and age appropriate programming will be provided for the performances for children ages 5th grade and under.
Invitation cards are available at Guest Services and the church office. 

You're also invited to join us for Christmas services: