Relation Ships or Sinks

“Every relationship has problems, because every person has problems, and the place that our problems appear most glaringly is in our close relationships. The key is whether or not we can hear from others where we are wrong, and accept their feedback without getting defensive. Time and again, the Bible says that someone who listens to feedback from others is wise, but someone who does not is a fool.”  - Dr. Henry Cloud, referencing verses like Proverbs 12:1

No matter what season of life we find ourselves in, we can't totally escape interacting with others.  And when our connections with people don't operate smoothly, it's a struggle.  Maybe it's your boss you're having trouble with.  Or a difficult neighbor.  Perhaps it's your spouse or kids stressing you out.  How about that one person who consistently irritates us or constantly challenges any boundaries we try and implement.  Even maintaining positive relationships takes work, what do we do when people bring negative influences into our day? 

We need solid truth to help us frame our thoughts and actions in a way that allows us to take healthy steps.

We're continuing our look at the book of Proverbs in this series, focusing on what it has to say about relationships.  Whether you are seeking direction in navigating your friendships, work associations, marriage, parenting, or with other important people in your life, God's Word has a lot to say about how to honestly evaluate them.  And yourself.  Join us as we examine what King Solomon learned about wisdom and why cultivating it can be a game changer in your life (and in all your relationships).

Series Schedule

February 10th >>
"Batten Down the Hatches"
February 17th >> "Life Preservers"
February 24th >>  "Taking the Plunge"
March 3rd >>  "Setting Your Course
March 10th >>  "All Hands on Deck"

If you missed the first series on Proverbs, discussing general principles about wisdom and how to understand and benefit from it, and are interested in watching those messages as well, you can find a link here.


Invite Others!

This will be a great series filled with truths for all of us at Riverside, as well as for our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers.  Invite them to come and sit with you for services at 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05 at our Big Lake campus, or at 9:00 or 10:45 at our Sauk Rapids campus!


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