Dinner with Dr. Ken Castor | 2.26 

Big Lake Campus | 5:15pm in the Video Cafe
High School students who are interested in attending Crown College have the opportunity to participate in a Q & A dinner with Dr. Ken Castor. Students who are interested may register here: DINNER

NEXT Conference | 3.7 |Both Campuses

Riverside Student's SG leaders, GS volunteers and Band/Tech teams are invited to participate in the NEXT conference at Crown College on Saturday, March 7th 7:30am-4:30pm. NEXT is put on by Alliance Youth and Crown College and is a one-day training experience geared for the next generation of Christ followers and those who want to equip them.                           Cost: Leaders $15 | Students $10 To register: NEXT Trip 2020 | Both Campuses

June 11-15 | Grades 9-12 (2020-2021 school year and 2020 graduates)    Cost: $475 registration requires a $50 non-refundable deposit.
Deadline to register is March 9 | To register: MYSTERY TRIP
This year we are again inviting students into a new Mystery Trip - one that's equally filled with intention to help everyone stretch in fresh ways, and also requires the action step of signing up without knowing the details...                                                          not only will we provide meaningful experiences in the trip to help everyone                                              know and follow Christ, but it all begins here in not knowing what's ahead.

[ Highlights from our 2018 trip ]

Please complete the Riverside Release Form for your student, if you have not already done so for the 2019-2020 school year.

Riverside Release Form 2019-2020

This form must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Upon completion it permits a student(s) to legally participate in events or activities outside of our church facility. This form needs to be completed only once in a year's time (September 1-August 31).