School of Music

Riverside School of Music exists to equip people to use their gifts to glorify God, by training and equipping people in the arts, developing their skills and abilities, so that they will be prepared, when given the opportunity, to contribute in worship. Riverside School of Music is unique in that our teachers are Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ and strive to honor Him with their lives. We currently offer lessons in guitar, piano & drums.

Weekly lessons run from September through May with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

>> Tuition/Costs

Individual teachers have set their own tuition rates. Teacher biographies and contact information found here.

Tuition is to be paid at the first lesson of the month for the entire month. Students are responsible for the cost of their books and materials.

>> Recitals

All students have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to participate in our recitals.

>> Registration

Students are responsible for a $10 registration fee paid annually to Riverside Church.  Registration covers recital costs, and facility usage including room upkeep and piano tuning. Registration must be completed on this form PRIOR to the first lesson.

Questions?  Need more information?

Contact Val at 763.263.2410 ext. 224 or email