Scrip Fundraising

With so many financial demands on families, Riverside Church continues to participate in a scrip fundraising program.  This can enable families to pay for many, if not all, of their kid’s camps, retreats and more!

Riverside Scrip allows families to purchase the same things they already do, at the same places, but have a portion of their purchase donated to a family account.  Most gift cards donate 2-15% of the purchase price!

By planning ahead, a family that spends $100 eating out, $300 in groceries, and $300 in gasoline per month can earn anywhere from $28.00 to $336.00 per year!  Families that want to be extremely diligent can earn thousands toward major events and mission trips!

How does it work? 

Go through the registration process. (Download Instructions Here)

1) Order through Presto Pay (see below), pay and receive electronic cards at any time.

2) Money will automatically be deducted from your checking account to pay for the cards. 

3) A percentage of each card purchase will be deposited into your “Family Scrip Account” for Riverside Church events.

Go to the site!


PrestoPay is ShopWithScrip's online payment system that you can use for a convenience fee of $0.15 per order. When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via the electronic debit of your checking or savings account, and your orders will process faster than if you paid by check. You can't link PrestoPay to a credit card as credit cards charge costly fees that would take a portion of earnings away from you.


  • All orders must be placed and payed for online using ACH transactions. Riverside  Church does not handle monies at any time.
  • Scrip donations are kept in a "family" account. They may be used to register for events, activities and mission trips. The minimum amount that can be transferred from a scrip account for an activity is $20.00. 
  • Family Scrip accounts remain intact as long as the family attends Riverside Church. When a family has not attended Riverside for greater than 6 months, any remaining funds will be transferred from the family account to the general scholarship fund. 
  • Family Scrip monies cannot be transferred to another family's Scrip account. They may be transferred to the general scholarship fund at the family's request. 
  • Grandparents and others may participate in the Scrip program and have their funds deposited into a family account.
  • Scrip donations are not tax deductible. 
  • Scrip donations are the property of Riverside Church and can never be "withdrawn" by an individual at any time. 
  • Electronic cards can be purchased at any time. 
  • Scrip donations may be used for Riverside Church and Christian & Missionary Alliance events and camps only. 

All policies are subject to change at any time. Riverside Church reserves the right to discontinue the Scrip program at any time.

Scrip Products

Reload and ReloadNow

Some Physical gift cards are available for either Reload or ReloadNow. Register an eligible gift card you purchased from ShopWithScrip and add funds to it when the balance is running low. Funds will be added overnight for cards that offer Reload, and instantly for ones that offer ReloadNow when you pay with PrestoPay. (The physical cards are ordered through Riverside Church approximately 5x per year)


ScripNow is an eCard that you can buy and receive instantly. You can print off ScripNow, or redeem it on your mobile device for certain retailers. They are immediately available when you pay with PrestoPay.


MyScripWallet is ShopWithScrip's mobile website that you can use to order ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow on-the-go. It's perfect for adding funds to your gas card or for ordering ScripNow during an unexpected dinner out! 

To go mobile, go to on your web browser on your phone and log in with your ShopeWithScrip account. You have to be signed up for PrestoPay, then you can order ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow and redeem eCards right from your phone!

Physical Gift cards

These are the same gift cards you get at the store. Use them instead of cash or a credit card! (These are ordered through Riverside Church approximately 5x per year)