Tech Team

This ministry handles the technical aspects of a wide variety of events from Sunday morning services and major productions to other events hosted at Riverside. The Tech Team works hard to make events run seamlessly in order for the message to be clearly seen and heard. Tech Team members are more than just “behind the scenes” people who are attentive to detail and willing to go the extra mile when it comes to installing, learning about and operating new equipment; the tech arts team has tremendous influence in the way that our worship services and productions impact people's lives for eternity.

If you are interested in serving with this team, please fill out this quick questionnaire and we'll be exploring how you can make an impact on this team ASAP!

>> Video

This team produces live video using multiple cameras (robotic and manual).  This video signal is used in the main worship center as IMAG (Image Magnification) and also displayed in the Video Cafe for those experiencing the service in our video venue.  The live video signal is also transmitted via our live online stream as well as on demand streaming videos found on our video archives on our website and mobile apps.

>> Audio

This team runs the audio equipment for Sunday morning services and other events held at Riverside.

>> Lighting

Team members serve by aiming/moving lights and operating the lighting board for Sunday morning services.

>> Projection

These team members build and run the visual elements on screen that help Riversider’s participate in our weekend services.

>> Media Services

Media Services supports the ministries of Riverside with the equipment needed to facilitate each area. This involves setting up, operating equipment and tearing down tech for events at Riverside.  

>> Tech Crew

The Tech Crew helps set up and tear down all gear used for services and events at the church.  The Tech Crew assists Tech Team members as a step to learn more and receive guided hands-on training in the Tech Arts at Riverside.

>> Stage Crew

Stage Crew is comprised of builders, painters, seamstresses and people with decorating skills. Our purpose is to visually enhance worship services.  Click here for details.

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