This is Why

“Let’s go on to the neighboring villages so that I may preach there too. This is why I have come.”  (Mark 1:38, CSB)

Have you seen the new ad campaign for a quit smoking aid that asks, "What's your Why?"  It's a great use of personal story that reminds the viewer without a compelling 'why,' your 'what' will never be as lasting or effective.

So.  What's our why?  Where has God taken Riverside the last few years, where are we headed now, what are we prioritizing, and why it it important?  Discovering the answer to some of these questions will not only tell you more about the heart of Riverside, it may also challenge you personally to consider and evaluate the 'why' to your 'whats.'

Join Pastor Tom for this critical 5 week series laying out the vision he feels God has for Riverside and what that looks like the next 6-12 months and beyond, including an update on multisite plans.  

This is a DON'T MISS series for anyone who calls Riverside their church home!

“There is a ripple effect to the gospel that’s inevitable. There’s a ripple effect to true grace. It doesn’t lead us to only sit and contemplate what happened to us. It leads us to proclaim what’s happened to us—and what can happen to anybody and everybody on the planet.” 
― Louie Giglio


Series Schedule
November 12th >>  
 "This is Why"
November 19th >> "This is Why: We Multisite"
November 26th >> "This is Why: We Pray"
December 3rd >> "This is Why: We Go"
December 10th >> "This is Why: We Give"


Invite Others!

This will be a great series filled with challenges for all of us at Riverside, as well as a great time to introduce Riverside's values and mission to friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers.  Invite someone you know to "Come and See" at our services - 8:45, 10:30 or 12:05.


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