Wednesday Nights

The big idea of RS Wednesday nights is to create an intentional time and space for students to grow in their faith. It's why we create space for students to know they belong so they can discover a personal connection with Jesus Christ and grow into their God-given identity and claim His purpose for their lives. A large part of this is ultimately up to the Lord, but we do play a part in how we structure each week.

One church. Multiple campuses. One family.

Between our Big Lake and Sauk Rapids locations, there are some things that are absolutely consistent. We'll always take the time to creatively engage with students, study the Bible, interact over questions and elevate God in some way. We also turn the majority of our church buildings into a place students want to come to early and hang out in afterward. In doing so we’re helping each other discover and live the best kind of life – the life God made us to live.

We gather in two locations - Big Lake and Sauk Rapids - from 6:30pm-8:30pm.
  • Big Lake: Middle School students (grades 6-8) first meet in the Video Cafe for Large Group and then connect in our classrooms for Team Time / Small Groups. High School students (grades 9-12) first connect for Team Time / Small Groups, and then meet in the Video Cafe for Large Group. Essentially, we rotate on the hour so we can focus our program on the unique age groups.

  • Sauk Rapids: One thing our Sauk Rapids students really enjoy is the "First 30" we start out each Wednesday with - a time for something unique that helps us hang out and connect all together. We then take part in large group, followed by grade-based small groups for discussions based on everyone's grade level.
At both campuses, we're all about being invitational. It's why we play games, cast vision for larger ways to serve our community and create an environment for students to open up to God all night long.

What do you mean by "Large Group?"

Our Wednesday "Large Group" experience is where students experience engaging music, practical Bible teaching and a time to connect through a program. We work hard on making this a time where students feel comfortable bringing their friends to see, hear, and experience God's love while learning about His plan for their lives. Lessons are designed to create a relevant, biblical and practical worldview... that they might embrace a continual invitation from God to take the next step in their faith.

What do you mean by "Team Time" and "Small Group"?

A constant throughout the night is our commitment to relationships. Team Time gathers multiple small groups together for a medium-sized connecting time, like an extended family of others in the general grade level students share with each other. Small Group is where students get invested into by a regular leader who helps lead them more deeply into God's words for practical takeaways. These connections are critical in helping this generation take hold of its faith as they learn that they are not alone - God loves them, and so does His Church.

Big Lake Drop-Off / Pick-Up Directions

We ask that you find a place to park when picking students up so that we don't create a long pick-up line. Drop-off can happen as early at 6pm.

Parents are welcome to visit, but please let us know in advance so we can make sure we get you a visitor name badge. We value every student's safety. Thank you for understanding.

Serve with RS

Guest Services

In guest services there are a multiple places that you can serve! Greet, check-in students, Student Cafe, security and spiritual care.  

Small Group Leader

Serve as a small group leader for middle school or high school students. Connect relationally with students and facilitate discussion in a smaller group style environment.

Tech Team

Serve behind the scenes with video, sound & lights on Wednesday evenings!